I Tim. 2:15, "She Shall be Saved in Childbearing"

By Richard Polcyn

Concerning 1 Timothy 2:15, we have to determine what is being addressed here. It cannot be eternal, spiritual salvation because this is contrary to the rest of the Bible's teaching. In the context Paul is addressing the "ministry" that some women apparently thought they had received from God and were ambitiously exercising it, not unlike today. Paul made it clear that the woman's sphere of ministry is not teaching men or usurping authority over them--i.e., women pastors, Bible teachers, etc.

The main ministry of women is there families, i.e., their children. Women will be vindicated as having carried out their ministry well by their children. They will be "saved" from the pressures of society toward fancy dressing, feminism, being their own person, etc., by accepting their God-ordained role as mothers and keepers of the home.

How many women's marriages, children, and personal lives (Not their salvation but their daily lives) would have been "saved" from disaster if they would have heeded this admonition from the apostle Paul? Our society would not be in the trouble it is if this principle were heeded.

By Richard Polcyn, Millerburg, Ohio, January 6, 2000


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June 22, 2000