On Dress: women-men differences in dress from the World

Joy Slaughter


I agree that it seems wrong that men should be able to dress "like the world" and that women must look so different. But I'd like to pose an idea-- Why is it that women look different now? Why is it that the men look the same?

Women were the ones who rebelled against God's order. Women are (usually) the ones who wear less and less and show more and more to attract men. Women are the ones who are constantly ogled. Could it be that women simply need that extra protection?

Look back 100 years. Compare the dress of men and women with then and today. Women wore dresses, and a surprisingly large number wore a form of cape dresses. I just saw the movie "The Sound of Music"-- so many of the women were wearing cape dresses! Also, when the Von Trapps fled for Switzerland, I noticed that the girls wore dresses to climb the mountains. There was not an argument among them over that.

Men wore pants and shirts and sometimes hats. Today they wear the same. There was no men's rights movement. There was no male version of Mrs. Bloomer. They have not rebelled in this area.

Perhaps it is we who are normal-- and women in pants who are weird?

It's not that God is against women, or wants a woman to stand out more than a man. It's simply that women have strayed in this area more, and that that extra witness is necessary.

Just a thought...

YSIC, Joy =) Slaughter


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